Chanel Chance Campaign (Techviz)

I was the VFX supervisor from the pre shooting to the shooting. I was honored to work closely with the famous director Jean Pierre Jeunet to help him to achieve his vision for this campaign. I’ve set up the previz and a tech viz on set. It was a challenge for me to learn all about those task with unreal directly in production ! For achieved this task, in such a short time period, Mc Murphy VFX worked with Bizaroid.

Director: Jean Pierre Jeunet
Post Producer: Sidonie Waserman
VFX post House: Mc Murphy
VFX producer: Alexandre Boiron
Tech viz consultant: Bizaroid

VFX supervisor (Pre shoot and shooting): Antoine Ponsart
CG artists: Léonard Dimanche, Nour Chameseddine, Bob Urbancyk
Flame Artist: Alexandre Boiron
Unreal artists: Antoine Ponsart, Léonard Dimanche
Tech viz On set operators: Gaston Marccotti, August Huvelin, Leonard Dimanche

VFX supervisor Pre shoot / on shoot / Previz / tech viz
Chanel / Mc Murphy
May 2023
previz, tech viz, vfx supervisor, cgi, unreal