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Full name

Antoine Ponsart


Paris, France


VFX supervisor | CG Artist | Director | Art Director


The new CHANCE campaign

Mc Murphy x Chanel

Paris, France · may 2023 – May 2023

VFX supervisor (preshoot / on Shoot / Previz / Tech Viz)
Unreal Artist

Rampage Finale Story Trailer


Paris, France · May 2023 – July 2023

Supervisor consultant / Look Dev / Lighting / Rendering

Chanel Chance


Paris, France · April 2023 – May 2023

Vfx Supervisor / Tech viz Supervisor / On set Supervisor

Caisse d'épargne

McMurphy x Altmann

Paris, France · february 2023 – february 2023

Vfx Supervisor / On shoot VFX supervisor

Batman Escape Game

Cutback x DamaDream

Paris, France · September 2022 – January 2023

Director / VFX Supervisor / Look Dev / lip Sync Animation / Animation / Shading / Lighting / Rendering



Paris, France · September – September

VFX Supervisor / Ligthing / Rendering

Lancôme CNY 2023

Les Vandales / D-Factory

Paris, France · June – June

VFX Supervisor / Look Dev / Lighting Rendering


A2 Production

Paris, France · May – June

Dopamine is a one woman show from the talented Ahu Sendilmen. I was in charge of co-wrinting, and direct all the videos inside the show.

Fibre de lait


Paris, France · June 2022 – June 2022

VFX Supervisor /Lighting / Rendering

Final Fantasy XIV Online Trailer


Paris, France · April – April

On Shoot VFX Supervisor / Technical Consultant

Ubisoft Galaxy

Ubisoft x Tetsuo

Paris · march 2022 – April 2022

Vfx Supervisor / Look Dev / Lighting Rendering

Foodpanda World commercials

Tetsuo x Foodpanda

Paris, France · October 2021 – January 2022

Role: Shading : lighting / Rendering

Guerlain Christmas 2021 digital and retail commercial

Duck factory x Mahlerbe x Guerlain

Paris, France · september 2021

Role: CGi Artist

Client: Guerlain
Agency: malherbe Paris
Creative Director: Suzanna
Directors: Jérôme Bernard, Johan Serbia
Post production House: Duck Factory (DKFT)
CG artists: Johan Sarbia, Antoine Ponsart, Mathieu Gomez, Tanguy Lavabre
Grading: Rémy De Vliger, Tanguy Lavabre
Music: Mael Oudin

Siant Michel: Doomino

Tetsuo x Saint Michel

paris · July 2021

Role: VFX supervisor, Shading / Lighting / Rendering

Directors: Nobrain
Post Production House: Tetsuo
Post Producer: Niko Nobrain
VFX supervisor: Antoine Ponsart
Modeling: John Chaillot
Layout / Animation: Charles Keramoal
Shading/Lighting/rendering: Antoine Ponsart
Compositing: Lenaic Favard

Marc Jacobs: Perfume and Jewelry retail movie

BlackBear x Reepost

Paris, France · July 2021

CGI digital content feature for Luxury brand: Marc Jacobs

Role: Director / VFX supervisor / Lighting / rendering / Compositing

Agency: Blackbear
Producer: Antoine Daufresne
Director: Antoine Ponsart

Post Production house: Reepost
VFX supervisors: Antoine Ponsart, Thomas Dos Santos
Modeling: Xavier Verdier
Animation: Marion Guichenuy
Shading / Lighting / Rendering: Antoine Ponsart
Compositing: Florian Senand, Antoine Ponsart

Auchan, avec plaisir

McMurphy x Auchan

Paris, France · June 2021

Role: Lighting:rendering

Post production House: McMurphy
Post Producer: Sébastien Gros
VFX Supervisor: Jérôme Oliveras
Animation: Brice Bergeret
Grooming: Jérôme Oliveras
Shading: Jérôme Oliveras
Ligthing/ rendering: Antoine Ponsart, Jérôme Oliveras
Compositing: Lénaic Favard
Flame: Aurélie Lafitte

R6 international Trailer


Paris, France · May 2021

Rôle: Shading, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, VFX supervisor

Directors: Philippe Negre, Tristan Dauly, Victorien Guillemomat

Producer: Benjamin Hervé
VFX Supervisor: Florian Senand
VFX: Geoffrey Pons, Jérôme Oliveras
Lighting/Rendering: Antoine Ponsart
Shading: Antoine Ponsart, Johnatan Chaillot, Florian Senand
Texturing: Florian Senand, Clément Picon, Jonathan Chaillot, Antoine Ponsart
Modeling: Nour Chameseddine, François Mauge, Jonathan Chaillot, Florian Senand
Layout: Gaetan Borde, Nour Chameseddine
Animation: Marion Guichenuy, Johnatan Chaillot
Motion (UI) Clément Picon
Compositing: Florian Senand
2DFX: Clément Picon, Florian Senand

Ubisoft: Planets

Tetsuo x Ubisoft

Paris, France · January 2021 – February 2021

This project was 10 CGI movies for the 2021 E3 event. Thoses movies was an opening for each game ubisoft presented on this show.

Role: CG artist/ Shading /Lighting / Rendering

Directors: Nobrain
Post producer: Gaetan legoff
CGI artists: Antoine Ponsart, Charles Keramoal, Michael Soubabère, Jérôme Oliveras, Brice Bergeret
Compositing: Lenaic Favard

Food Panda "papercraft"

Tetsuo x Ta Prod

Paris, France · november 2020 – december 2020

Role: Shading/Lighting:Rendering

Directors: Nobrain
Producers: Ta Prod
PostProduction House: Tetsuo
Post Producer: Gaetan Legoff
Modeling: Johnatan Chaillot
Layout: Michael Soubabère
Animation: Marion Guichenuy
Shading/ Lighting/ Rendering: Antoine Ponsart
Compositing: Lenaic Favard

Ubisoft: Renaissance


Paris, France · November 2020

This movie was only for Ubisoft's crew.
Role: graphic designer, CG artist

Clarins Double Serum (China)

McMurphy x Armored x Clarins

Paris, France · October 2020

Roles: VFX Supervisor, Layout/Animation/Modeling/Shading/Rigging/Lighting/ Rendering
FX: Jérôme Oliveras
Compositing: Lenaic Favard
Flame: Aurélie Lafitte

Ubisoft: Chorus


Paris, France · July 2020

This movie was only for Ubisoft's crew.
Role: graphic designer, CG artist

Kenzo Xmas 2020

McMurphy x Lambert

Paris, France · March 2020 – April 2020

This project was produced during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Role: VFX Supervisor, Layout, Animator, Surfacing, Lighting, Render, Compositing

Directors: AKATRE
Agency: Lambert
Post Production House: McMurphy

PostProducer: Betty Bertrand
VFX Supervisor: Antoine Ponsart
Modeler: Bob Urbanczyk, Jérôme Oliveras
FX: Geoffrey Pons, Jérôme Oliveras
Surfacing: Bob Urbanczyk, Antoine Ponsart
Lighting: Bob Urbanczyk, Antoine Ponsart
Compositing: Lenaic Favard, Antoine Ponsart
Prints: Edin Hadzic, Lenaic Favard, Antoine Ponsart

Issey Miyake “Calendar”

McMurphy x Lambert

Paris, France · February 2020 – March 2020

This project was produced during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Role: VFX supervisor, Surfacing, Lighting, Render, Compositing

Directors: AKATRE
Agency: Lambert
PostProduction House: McMurphy

Post Producer: Betty Bertrand
VFX Supervisor: Antoine Ponsart
Modeler: Brice Bergeret
Animator: Brice Bergeret
Surfacing / Lighting / Render / Compositing: Antoine Ponsart
Motion / Jingles 2D: Quentin Letout
Print: Edin Hadzic

Beroca “remote control”

McMurphy x La PAC

Paris, France · January 2020

Role: Animator, Lighting, Render

Futuroscope “Objectif Mars 2020”


Paris, France · October 2019 – December 2019

Role: On shot VFX supervisor, VFX supervisor, Surfacing, Lighting, Render.

Director: Bruno Maillard
Agency: Glory
Producer: Alexandre Boiron
Post Production House: McMurphy

PostProducer: Beatrice Cousin
VFX Supervisor: Antoine Ponsart
On shot supervisors: Antoine Ponsart, Tristan Barbaron
Modelers: Medhi Rami, Kevin Albert, John Chaillot, Edin Hadzic
Rigger: Jérome Nguyen
Animators: Jérôme Nguyen, Ganael Chevalier
Hair: John Chaillot, Marion Guichenuy, Olivier Masson
Surfacing: Antoine Ponsart, John Chaillot
FX / TD: Jérôme Oliveras
Lighting/Render: Antoine Ponsart, Jérôme Oliveras
Compositing: Lenaic Favard
Matte Painting: Marine Le Borgne

PRINTS: Ulysse Payet
Posing: Jérôme Nguyen, Marion Guichenuy
Lighting/Render: Marion Guichenuy, Antoine Ponsart

Flame Artists: Tristan Barbaron, Bruno Maillard

L’agent Immobiler (the Middleman)

McMurphy x ARTE

Paris, France · September 2018 – March 2019

The Middleman is a TV serie for ARTE Written and Directed By Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen. For this project we work on about 60 shots. The challenge was to match the fish. On several shots we had to replace the fish inside the broken watertank by a CG model.

Role: On shoot VFX Supervisor, VFX supervisor, Surfacing

Directors: Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen
Produced by: Les films du poisson
VFX Post House: McMurphy

VFX supervisors: Antoine Ponsart, Jérôme Oliveras
Modeling: Brice Bergeret
Layout: Nour Chamessedine
Rigging: Brice Bergeret
Animation: Brice Bergeret, Ganaël Chevalier
Surfacing: Antoine Ponsart, Jérôme Oliveras
Lighting, Rendering: John Chaillot, Edin Hadzic
Compositing: Lenaic Favard

YSL Rouge Couture

McMurphy x BlackBear

Paris, France · May 2019

Reveal feature film about the new Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Couture Lipsick for the L’Oréal International convention (Journées mondiales 2019)

Director: Antoine Ponsart
Agency: BlackBear
VFX PostHouse: McMurphy

VFX supervisor: Antoine Ponsart
FX: Jérôme Oliveras
Modeling: Brice Bergeret, Kevin Albert
Animation: Ganaël Chevalier, Antoine Ponsart
Surfacing, Lighting, Rendering: Antoine Ponsart, Kevin Albert
Compositing: Antoine Ponsart

Armani Xmas 2019

McMurphy x WomanRay

Paris, France · April 2019

Role: On shoot VFX supervisor, VFX supervisor, CG artist, digital compositor artist

Director: Aurélien Juner
Agency: Womanray
VFX Post House: McMurphy

VFX Supervisor: Antoine Ponsart, Jérôme Oliveras
Modeling: Nour Chamessedine
FX: Jérôme Oliveras
Animation: Jérôme Oliveras, Mickael Soubabère, Marianne Cruchant
Surfacing, Lighting, Rendering: Jérôme Oliveras, John Chaillot, Antoine Ponsart
Compositing: Florian Senand, John Chaillot, Antoine Ponsart

Issey Miyake IGO reveal 2019


Avril 2019

Role: VFX supervisor, CG artist, Digital compositor Artist

Directors: AKATRE
Agency: Lambert
VFX Post-House: McMurphy

VFX Supervisor: Antoine Ponsart
Modeling: Edin Hadzic
Rigging: Jérôme Nguyen
Animating: Jérôme Nguyen, Ganaël Chevalier, Brice Bergeret
Surfacing: Antoine Ponsart
Lighting: Antoine Ponsart, Kevin Albert
Rendering: Antoine Ponsart, Kevin Albert
Compositing: Antoine Ponsart

Honda “I-MMD”

McMurphy x Sidlee

Paris, France · March 2019

Role: On shoot VFX supervisor
VFX supervisor – CG artist – digital compositor artist

Directors: AKATRE
Agency: Sidlee
VFX post house: McMurphy

VFX Supervisor: Antoine Ponsart
Modeling: Antoine Ponsart, Brice Bergeret, Edin Hadzic
Animating: Brice Bergeret
Surfacing / Lighting/ rendering: Antoine Ponsart
Compositing: Lenaic Favard, Antoine Ponsart

Neslté “Growing”


Paris, France · October 2018

Supervision, Cg artist (shading, lighting, rendering)
Digital compositor Artist
Animation and modeling by Brice Bergeret

Indress Flag


Paris, France · September 2018

Shooting Vfx supervisor / Vfx supervisor / CG Artist / Digital compositor artist On a commercial directed by Frédéric Guélaff



Paris, France. Lubjana, Slovenia · july 2018 – August 2018

On shoot VFX supervisor / VFX supervisor /Digital compositor artist on 3 commercials directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet for chocolate brand Milka.

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift

St Louis

Paris, France · June 2018

Role: Animation, Surfacing, Lighting, Compositing

Director: Lisa Paquet
VFX Post House: St Louis

VFX supervisor: Yves Bosson
Modeling: Jérôme Oliveras
FX: Jérome Oliveras
Animation: Antoine Ponsart
Surfacing, Lighting, Rendering: Antoine Ponsart
Compositing: Antoine Ponsart

YSL waterStain


Paris, France · May 2018

Director / Vfx supervisor on a reveal feature for Yves Saint Laurent.

MadBen: Grief Dance to Death


Paris · May 2018 – May 2018

CG artist / Compositing for the music video “Madben : grief to death” directed by Nobrain



Paris. Lisbon, Portugual · March – May

On shoot VFX supervisor / VFX Supervisor / CG artist / compositing / look Dev On a commecial for the brand Quick.
Directed by Nobrain

YSL Xmas 2018


Paris · April 2018 – April 2018

VFX supervisor / look dev on a retail movie for the french luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent.
directed by: Gabriel Malaprade & Armelle Lalo



Paris, France · March 2018

VFX supervisor / digital compositor artist on a commercial directed by Edouard Pluvieux



Paris, France · march 2018

Vfx shooting supervisor on a Cognac Martel’s commercial



Paris, France · November 2017 – Junary 2018

VFX supervisor / CG artist / look dev / compositing on 4 Commercials directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet.



Paris, France · october 2017

CG artist on a commercial for the french brand Nivea



Paris, France · September 2017 – September 2017

Cg artist on a full CG spot for luxury brand Valentino


Tetsuo / Togheter

Paris, France. Los Angeles, United states · february 2017 – July 2017

VFX supervisor on shoot. VFX Supervisor / Director B-Unit / Art Director / Look Dev / CG artist / Compositing on a Super Heroes Serie brodcasted on Blackpills Application
Directed by: Edouard Pluvieux

Citroen C-Air Cross


Paris, France · Junary 2017 – Junary 2017

VFX supervisor / CG artist / Look dev / compositing on a Concept car Reveal spot for Citroen
Directed by: Nobrain

Decathlon: Winter

Saint Louis / La Pac

Paris, France · december 2016 – December 2016

Digital Compositor Artist on a TV/Web commercial for Decathlon
directed by: ABBCD

Yves Saint Laurent: CNY 2017

Saint Louis

Paris, France · December 2016 – December 2016

Vfx Supervisor / CG artist / Digital compositor on a Web commercial for Yves Saint Laurent (for the Chinese New Year)
Directed by: Gabriel Malaprade

Futur Football Club 2050

Tetsuo / Canal +

Paris, France · March 2016 – September 2016

VFX supervisor on shoot. VFX supervisor / Art direction / Cg artist / Look Dev / Compositing on a 52 minutes sciFi movie.
About 250 vfx Shots.
Directed by: Nobrain
Title Sequence:
Breakdown Stadium Shots:
Breakdown Title Sequence:


CSN Media

Paris, France · february 2016 – february 2016

Cg artist / compositing on a commercial for Michelin

Seven and Me (title Sequence)


Paris, France · junary 2016 – Junary 2016

Art Direction / VFX Supervisor / CG artist / Look Dev
on Seven and Me, an international serie broadcasted on Netflix.
Title Sequence.
Directed by: Alexandre Pluquet

Ahou: ça pourrait être pire !

A² production

Paris, France · june 2015 – Junary 2016

Co-writer of the comic one Woman Show “Ahou: ça pourrait être pire”
writers: Ahu Sendilmen & Antoine Ponsart
Talent: Ahu Sendilmen

Nissan Navara

Saint Louis

Paris, France · December 2015 – December 2015

Cg artist, look dev, compositing, on Nissan Navara (euro 2016) commercial (tv, theater, web)


Saint Louis

Paris, France · November 2015 – November 2015

Cg artist, look Dev, compositing, on Physiomer Commercial feature (TV an Web)
directed by: Yves Bosson


Saint Louis

October 2015 – October 2015

Cg artist / Look dev Zive commercial feature.
Directed by: Sylvery Bolotte and Vincent Chazal


Saint Louis

Paris, France · june 2015 – june 2015

Cg artist, Compositing on a Commercial feature (cast on tv, and web) for “Mytosyl”
directed by: Yves Bosson

Macdonald’s Monopoly

CSN media / TBWA

Paris, France · september 2015 – September 2015

VFX supervisor, CG artist on a commercial movie brodacasted on national TV
Directed By: Nobrain

Banque Populaire Maroc

Saint louis

Paris, France · may 2015 – may 2015

Cg artist, compositing, on a Bank commercial.
directed by: Yves Bosson and Seb Kosmos


Saint Louis

Paris, France · junary 2015 – february 2015

CG artist , Digital compositor, for “Gotterdammerung” [the loudest silent movie ever], a movie cast in a big rock show around the world.

Peugeot Experience 308

Saint Louis

Paris, France · march 2015 – april 2015

Art direction, Co-VFX Supervision, Cg artist, Digital compositing for 2 long sequences for a interactive web experience

Prévention Routière


Paris, France · december 2014 – December 2014

Art director, Vfx Supervisor, CG artist, compositing for spot about raod safty
directed by: Colts
production: Wanda

Syfy: Winter Jingles


Paris, France · november 2014 – november 2014

Co-directing, VFX supervisor, CG artist, Digital Compositor for the SYFY winter jingles

Bvlgari (Bzero/Mvsa/Diva)


Paris, France · june 2014 – july 2014

VFX supervisor on shoot. VFX supervisor / art director / cg artis/ digital compositing o n 3 reveal films for lurury brand Bvlgari.
directed by: Sebastien Spitz

Citroen Cactus Airflow

Sabotage / Citroen

Paris, France · june 2014 – june 2014

Cg artist, compositor on a commercial reveal feature for Citroen projected on the “Salon de l’auto 2014”
directed by: Alexandre Pluquet



may 2014 – may2014

CG artist (lighting / shading / rendering) for the Wahou Commercial movie. Directed by: Nobrain

Allianz : Home and Car


Paris, France · march 2014 – march 2014

CG artist for 2 commercial use live CG mapping. Directed by: Luis Nieto

China Mobile

Blow Up Shanghai

Shanghai, China · Junary 2014 – february 2014

CG artist on a commercial for a chinese telecom operator

Citroen Multicity


Paris, France · september 2013 – september 2013

Cg artist on a web commercial. Directed by Alexandre Pluquet

Citroen Cactus


Paris, France · august 2013 – august 2013

CG artist on a commercial for introducing the new Citroen Cactus Car. Directed by: Nobrain

Citroen Cactus Reveal


Paris, France · june 2013 – july 2013

Director, cg artist, compositing on a full cg feature film to introduce a new car from the brand Citroen
Directed by: Antoine Ponsart

Dior VII

Digital Chalet

Paris, France · march 2013 – may 2013

Lead Cg artist, compositing on a full cg luxury film for Dior. Directed by Jean Claude Thibault

Dacia Lifeproof


Paris, France · junary 2013 – junary 2013

CG artist (shading lighting rendering) on Dacia Lifeproof commercial spot. Directed by: Matthieu Gérard


Primitive animation

Paris, France · junary 2013 – junary 2013

Diretor, VFX supervisor, Cg artist, digital compositor artist for the champea Commercial feature. Broadcast and theater.


primitive animation

december 2012 – december 2012

VFX supervisor, Cg artist, digital compositor artist, art director On a institutional movie for Delabie (water tap brand)

M6 winter Jingles

primitive animation / Zoo design

Paris, France · november 2012 – november 2012

VFX supervisor, CG artist, Digital compositor on the winter jingles for the M6 channel (french national tv)

Dior Chiffre Rouge


Paris, France · september 2012 – september 2012

CG artist for reveal full cg film “Dior chiffre rouge”. Drected by: Joris Bacquet

La poste

Digital distrcit

Paris, France · august 2012 – august 2012

CG artist pour “la poste” Print and commercila movie directed by Edouard Sallier. Print art direction by: Marthe Sallier and François Peyranne

L’Oréal: Journées Mondiales, Kerastase

L’Oréal Paris

Paris, France · June 2012 – July 2012

Directed, vfx supervision, CG artist, and Digital compositor for a full CG feature film for a l’Oréal event.

Orange Football fan club


Paris, France · march 202 – march2012

Vfx supervision and CG artist on a Orange Commercial for the CAF Football competition directed by: Alex Pluquet

Samsung: “Chronos” & “Slate”


paris · february 2012 – march 2012

CG artist on 2 commercial spots brodcasted on national television for Samsung. Directed by: Nobrain

Megane Ballet (2012)

Mundocom (publicis)

Paris, France · november 2011 – junary 2012

Cg artist on a 2 minutes (89 shots) full CG commercial feature. Directed by: Stephane Leloutre

Une épopée extraordinaire

Cutback / Naturoscope de puteaux

Paris, France · may 2011 – july 2011

VFX supervisor, stereoscopy supervisor, art director, cg artist, digital compositor: on a steroscopic full cg feature film for a Natural historic museum in Puteaux. Directed bay: Jean Frederic Chelayat

NRJ Music Awards 2011


Paris, France · junary 2011 – junary 2011

Vfx supervision (and CG artist) of the live motion during the Live Mylene Farmer’s performance fon the NRJ Music Award

“Nutrition Lumière” (L’Oréal)

Digital Chalet

Paris, France · february 2009 – february 2009

CG artist and digital compositor on “Nutrition Lumière” (L’Oréal) commercial feature film

“Revitalift System Pro” (L’oréal)

Digital Chalet

Paris, France · junary 2009 – junary 2009

Cg artist and digital compositor artist on “Revitalift System Pro” (L’oréal) commercial movie

Fitou 3D


Paris, France · september 2006 – september 2006

Co-direct a short movie in real 3D brodcasted into theaters in all over Europe

Billboards Spots

Barejo, Hopi Productions, Telecaster…

Paris, France · 2004 – 2012

Directing about 30 billboards spots brocasted on national tv and sometimes theater

“Dior j’adore” (TF1)
“Citroen WRC” (TF1)
“Palace pour chien” (FranceTelevisions)
“Samsung: Sept à Huit” (TF1)
“PMU:World cup 2006” (TF1)
“Sesha” (Tf1/France televisions)
“Milka” (TF1)
“Mir Degraiss Boy” (Tf1)
“Kaamelot: Orange” (M6)
“Inter-hotels” (m6)
“Festina” (TF1)


Art direction, CG supervisor, Director, 3D shading, 3D lighting, Rendering, Compositing


3Dsmax, Vray, Nuke, corona, Maxwell Render, After Effect