MadBen: Grief, Dance To Death

Music: MadBen, Manu le malin, Rebeka Warrior
Writen and Directed by Nobrain
Post House: Tetsuo
CG: Charles Keramoral, Sylvain Benoit, Antoine Ponsart
VFX: Jérôme Oliveras
Compositing: Lenaic Favard, Sylvain Lefèbre, Antoine Ponsart
Motion: Seb Kosmos, Hervé Champeaux
Edited By: Niko Nobrain
Color by: Charle Keramoal
Sound Design: Kouz

Grief, Dance To Death (MadBen)

Powerful music video directed by Nobrain. It prefectly illustrate and emphasise the odd and enimgatic music of Madben.
I had the chance to give an hand to that epic and bold project.

GC artist, LookDev, Compositing
MadBen, Tetsuo, Nobrain
May 2018