Directors: AKATRE
Agency: Lambert
VFX Post-House: McMurphy

VFX Supervisor: Antoine Ponsart
Modeling: Edin Hadzic
Rigging: Jérôme Nguyen
Animating: Jérôme Nguyen, Ganaël Chevalier, Brice Bergeret
Surfacing: Antoine Ponsart
Lighting: Antoine Ponsart, Kevin Albert
Rendering: Antoine Ponsart, Kevin Albert
Compositing: Antoine Ponsart

Issey Miyake IGO reveal

This project was very fresh and fun. We had to create tons of variations (3 formats x 3 scenarios) in least than a month.
Directed By: AKATRE

VFX supervisor, Surfacing, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing
April 2019