Nissan Navara 2015

Commercial for the Nissan Navara' car
Job: Modeling, Mapping, Shading, Lighting, rendering All the shot’s in the destructed Hangar (begins at 44 seconds of the film)

  • Role Modeling, Mapping, Lighting, Rendering
  • For Nissan, Smuggler, Saint Louis PostHouse
  • Date December 2015
  • Type Commercial
  • URL

CG supervisor: Yves Bosson
Modeling: Dylan Veron, Jerôme Oliveras, Antoine Ponsart, Yves Bosson, Johnatan Chaiillot
Mapping Shading: Antoine Ponsart, Jérôme Oliveras
FX: Fox
Lighting Rendering: Antoine Ponsart, Jérôme Oliveras, Johnatan Chaillot, Yves Bosson
Post Production: Saint-Louis Post House