Foodpanda SHAMPOO

This film was the third one of 4 pieces. It was a very fun project to work on :)

Client: Foodpanda
Directors: NoBrain
Post production house: TETSUO
Post Producer: Gaëtan Le Goff
Modeling: Nour Chameseddine, Léonard Dimanche, Brice Bergeret
Grooming: Jonathan Chaillot, Jérôme Préhost
Layout: Léonard Dimanche
animation: Brice Bergeret, Marion Guichenuy
FX: Jérôme Oliveras
Shading/Lighting/Render: Antoine Ponsart
Compositing : Lenaic Favard
Grading: Charles Keramoal

Shading / Lighting / rendering / Supervision
Tetsuo x Foodpanda
December 2021
COmmercial, advertising, 3D animation, CGI animation