Caisse d'épargne:"Grâce à vous"

VFX Breakdown

Caisse d'épargne "Grâce à vous"

Caisse d’épargne “Grâce à vous”
This film was a challenge because, after the shoot and the editing process, we had only 3 weeks to do all the post production and the VFX shots.

Client: caisse d’épargne
Agency: Altmann
Production: HENRY
Post Production: McMurphy

Director: Adrien Armanet
DOP: Arnau Valls Colomer
Producer: Jean Ozannat
Producer: Yannick Dupas

Post Producer: Sebastien Gros
VFX Supervisor: Antoine Ponsart
VFX Supervisor: On shoot: Antoine Ponsart
Modeling: Leonard Dimanche, Antoine Ponsart
Shading: Antoine Ponsart, Léonard Dimanche
Rig/FX: Antoine Ponsart, Léonard DImanche
Animation: Antoine Ponsart, Léonard Dimanche
Lighting/rendering: Léonard DImanche
Compositing: Lénaic Favard, Loic Gazaud
Flame: Bruno Maillard

Vfx Supervisor / on shoot Supervisor / CG artist
February 2023
Commercial, 3D animation, VFX