Directors: AKATRE
Agency: Sidlee
VFX post house: McMurphy
Post Producer: Charlotte Brisebarre
VFX Supervisor: Antoine Ponsart
Modeling: Antoine Ponsart, Brice Bergeret, Edin Hadzic
Animating: Brice Bergeret
Surfacing / Lighting/ rendering: Antoine Ponsart
Compositing: Lenaic Favard, Antoine Ponsart

Honda Imm-D concept

This was a fun project. The timing and the budget was very tight, so we had to work very closely with the creatives from the agency and the directors in real time. We deliver this short clip in about 3 weeks.

Directors: AKATRE

On shoot VFX supervisor, VFX supervisor, modeler, surfacing, Lighting, compositing
McMurphy x Sidlee
March 2019