Director: Bruno Maillard
Agency: Glory
Producer: Alexandre Boiron
Post Production House: McMurphy

PostProducer: Beatrice Cousin
VFX Supervisor: Antoine Ponsart
On shot supervisors: Antoine Ponsart, Tristan Barbaron
Modelers: Medhi Rami, Kevin Albert, John Chaillot, Edin Hadzic
Rigger: Jérome Nguyen
Animators: Jérôme Nguyen, Ganael Chevalier
Hair: John Chaillot, Marion Guichenuy, Olivier Masson
Surfacing: Antoine Ponsart, John Chaillot
FX / TD: Jérôme Oliveras
Lighting/Render: Antoine Ponsart, Jérôme Oliveras
Compositing: Lenaic Favard
Matte Painting: Marine Le Borgne

PRINTS: Ulysse Payet
Posing: Jérôme Nguyen, Marion Guichenuy
Lighting/Render: Marion Guichenuy, Antoine Ponsart

Flame Artists: Tristan Barbaron, Bruno Maillard

Futuroscope (2020)

New campaign for the french theme park “Futuroscope”.
Directed by: Bruno Maillard

On shoot VFX supervisor, VFX supervisor, Surfacing, Lighting, Rendering
October to December 2019